Service & Communication

At Fidelity Mortgage, Our Builder Mortgage Consultants are both some of the most experienced in the industry as well top rated in their customer relations. We consistently provide accurate approvals and on-schedule closings.

We strive to ensure a concierge-based approach to our clientele. As a result of this practice your clients meet face-to-face from the very first meeting all the way up to the end. Sales representatives as well as home buyers receive regular updates and feedback throughout our detailed process.

Communication is a cornerstone of our company, as a result the entire construction staff, from senior management to underwriters, is always reachable.

Turn Around Time for Loan Processing

Our internal team at Fidelity Mortgage prioritizes processing loan applications, guaranteeing accuracy, and providing excellent customer service. The processing duration is typically 72 hours. Furthermore, the processing time for our underwriting takes between 24 and 48 hours. Since we are aware that time is of the essence, we make sure that accuracy and promptness are top considerations when it comes to your loan processing and underwriting.

Concierge Mortgage Advisor

An application for a new loan is processed by a lender through a procedure known as loan origination. Origination typically refers to the entire process, from accepting a loan application through disbursing payments. There is a distinct mortgage origination process for mortgages.

To pre-screen and facilitate traffic through our sales centers using our joint marketing system, we have an originator on-site.


All Fidelity Loan Officers have access to our internal marketing team. Fidelity Mortgage is happy to provide a full-service marketing solution to enhance your clients and set you apart from the competition. Our marketing strategy entails:

  • How do you feel about our website?
  • For your company, we can create one that fits your business, and that is custom-made for you.
  • For your listings and developments, we can use drone aerial photos, and professional photography, and create video content.
  • We can create a coordinated flyer for real estate with financial details (open house)
  • Create a campaign for online marketing
    Enhanced list presentation, access to bespoke yard signage, and lead sources


For tracking and nurturing connections, from leads to applications to past clients, Fidelity Mortgage offers CRM software and content. Through the whole transaction and for five years beyond closure, this extremely engaging process is ongoing, this way we can ensure that all of your needs are well attended.


Technology is used by Fidelity Mortgage to improve connections rather than to replace them. Our systems and technologies serve as a constant reminder to connect with our clients and invite them to interact with us.

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