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We have developed unique systems to evaluate your mortgage needs and assist you in determining the best mortgage for these needs based on qualifications , how long you expect to have the loan, initial expense, cash flow, taxes and overall total cost of the mortgage.

We are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision. This advisory service is much more than a competitive rate and points quote. Selecting the wrong mortgage program can cost you thousands of dollars and no single loan program is appropriate for every person.

Financing and acquiring real estate should be thought of as an integral part of your overall personal financial plan. To assist us in selecting the most appropriate and cost effective mortgage for your individual needs, please complete the questions below:

1. How would you like us to stay in contact with you? (check all that apply)

2. How soon are you thinking of buying or refinancing?

3. What is the best estimate for how long you might live in this home?

4. How many years do you think you will have this loan?

6. Do you currently have any plans for major expenses in the next 12 months:

7. Please check the following if they are priorities as it relates to your mortgage financing.

9. If you currently rent, please provide us the name of your landlord and their contact information:

14. Please rate your current level of satisfaction in the following areas, on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best),

19. Please indicate the best match based on your preference between a fixed and adjustable interest rate, by checking the appropriate box below:

21. What are your biggest challenges right now with respect to money?

22. What is your current strategy for:

27. Who else do you know that is thinking of buying or refinancing real estate?
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Do you know anyone paying more than $600 per month in rent?

Please provide their name and phone number if you would like us to contact them:


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